About Us

We are an innovation studio.

We specialise in the design of experiences, within physical and virtual spaces, which help our clients create big, meaningful connections with their audiences.

We push boundaries in storytelling and engagement, our work is original, creative and illusionary. We work on ambitious projects for architects, interior designers, museums, galleries, broadcasters, brands, and artists.

Studio B

Working in partnership with FourByTwo…

…we produced five innovate creative pieces for Studio B – an experimental smart bank branch in Kensington.

Working with flexible LED’s, we produced content that reacted to the architecture of the space. This included the B portal – which utilises motion reactive technology and hidden sensors to trigger waves set off by customers as they walk into and out of the store – as well as digital signage and projection mapping to connect with passers-by and customers within the store.


Voyages into VR

We are continuing our collaboration with Janis Claxton Dance, with the support of Creative Scotland. Utilising depth data to express dance in VR is of particular interest to our collaboration. We are entering a phase of research and development, utilising mobile VR (Google Daydream) as a starting point and creating a unique workflow and coded …

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