Year 01
A selection of our work from our first year in business. What an incredible journey it has been.

NatWest Birmingham

Bespoke content creation. Projection mapping & LEDs.
Large scale permanent installation in collaboration with Four By Two using LED and projection mapping technology. We created a unique brand experience which connects the bank and visitor via a shared experience paying homage to Birmingham as a hub of human connectivity.

Tech Hub

@EdDigiFest. Interactive, sensory installation.
We were invited to exhibit at the Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival - an interactive playground showing case tech of the future. For this installation we used depth data to create user generated artwork, that builds as the user explores the space. Encouraging play and creating an ethereal, sensory experience.


Hidden Door 2016. Stop motion film & immersive cinematic experience.
The Scotsman **** “A blend of visual art and film installation, Precious was a collaboration by Bright Side Studios, Pantovola and the fabulously named Alabastar De Plume. This animated tale of Bragi, a sad young man whose pearl-like tears are collected by a woman called Precious, drew me back several times."

Heart of The Hive

Bespoke Content. Immersive Environment
We created an immersive installation investigating the decline of the global bee population. The all encompassing installation surrounded visitors with flora constructions, illusionary projections and epic sound.

Whyte & Mackay

Bespoke content. Projection mapping.
We were task to tell the Whyte & Mackay brand storey and aspiration for the future in this unique installation in collaboration with Four By Two.

Paradigm Electronica

Immersive, interactive installation.
Featured for Visit Scotland's Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, Paradigm was a disruptive exhibition of Electronic Arts centring around technology and interactivity. We harnessed gaming technology to create 3D galaxies from depth data, creating a tactile, playful, and surprising experience for visitors.

NatWest Flag Ship

Launch Film
We were commissioned to create a short film which tells the story of the new Birmingham Super Flagship branch and reveals the inspiration behind the installation.

NatWest London

Bespoke content. Projection mapping.
We collaborated with Four By Two, to craft the first projection mapped installation in a bank, in the world. We were tasked with engaging visitors by expressing core brand values in an innovative way, that cut through. In doing so we created a strong talking point and a memorable, shareable experience.