Creative Edinburgh – Curiosity Awards

Interactive Installation & Prototype

We were thrilled to win a Curiosity Awards with Janis Claxton Dance. We wanted to explore gaming technology and its application within dance, blending mediums to exploit their expressive potential, we believe this is a truly innovative and exciting territory. In doing so we widened the scope of communication between environment and movement. Capturing movement and transforming it into numerical data which was then used to create live, motion reactive visualisations. This offered an inspiring and unique space for Janis Claxton Dance to explore, and for the collaboration to develop together.

Our role: Harnessing the power of gaming and infrared technology, we created a fully interactive environment for Janis Claxton and her dancers to explore over two days in The Biscuit Factory. Experimenting together we blended code with choreography to create an ethereal, mesmerising and unique shared experience. Live depth data of the dancers movements were used to create reactive visuals which were then projected back into the environment. We are currently working on a VR experience with the data we captured.