What We Do

Brands & Retail

High-impact experiences based on brand and audience insight

We craft installations that drive brand awareness through unforgettable, sharable experiences that people want to talk about.

Live & Interactive

Bringing stories, performances & audiences to life

We create interactive experiences and live visual performances, offering a powerful medium that pushes boundaries in storytelling, entertainment, theatre & dance.

Immersive Events & Environments

Engaging & electrifying

Immersive cinematic experiences, experiential marketing & promotional events. Experts in concepting, content creation and project management.

Content Creation

Direction, Filming, 3D & Motion Graphics

Experts in animated content creation. Specialists in designing for formats that break the mould.

Who We Are

Cristina Spiteri - Director

Narnia was my world when I was a little girl, I fell in love with the idea of being transported from the ordinary to the extraordinary, in a moment.

Today that notion still inspires me, I work inclusively across story-driven media from 3D animation and interactive design to live audience environments; creating unique and surprising experiences and spaces for people to interact with, share and enjoy.

My creative geekery continues to drive me to seek out new and exciting blends of art, design, motion and technology.

Susanna Murphy - Director

I have always been enchanted by magic, and firmly believe it can be found in the most surprising of places.

When I first started out I was inspired by the Flame Artist who composited the studio’s work, mixing motion with film, 3D and special FX. It was like watching magic unfold in front of my eyes – making the impossible a reality. I was transfixed and so began my journey into professional directing, filming and mixing motion.

My passion for compositing and playing with illusions whether it be in creative content or in the form of installations, has only grown. I love that we can surprise, delight and deliver an experience that people won’t forget.

Our Story

We met whilst working for an award winning creative agency, making award winning work. Before long we were collaborating together, working into the wee hours dreaming up and creating gorgeous animation, live visuals and installations. Our sunny dispositions saw us relishing every challenge that came our way, no adventure was too big or ambitious. In 2015 we founded Bright Side Studios and began pouring all of our time, love & attention into our work here.